Our golden girls Ximminka and Sheilinka welcome you to their page

and with joy and enthusiasm guide you through all the events a tour kennel…


Golden Retriever kennel

Welcome to the website of WHITE COFFEE golden retriever kennel reg. no. 80/13, which was founded in Rýmařov in 2013. This small town is found at the foot of the mountains in a protected of the second largest mountain range in the Czech Republic - Jeseníky.

We’ve been enchanted by the Golden retriever breed and we simply continue to admire their perfect and unbelievably beautiful character with every day that goes by.

We got the gorgeous puppy XIMMI GOLDENPACK MARTY in 2011.

Then in 2013 we bought a second female known by the pedigree name IBBY WERRA Z FATKOVSKÉHO DVORA (Ibby Werra from Fatkovský Courtyard). We gave the young lady, who immediately won the hearts of the whole family, the familiar name Sheila..



Our internationally protected kennel is registered:




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